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Maca produced in the Andes of South America Peru, known as the natural hormone engines. Incas people who are living in mountain area for few thousands of years take maca as a food, we found Maca can enhance strength and improve sexual function and fertility. Since the 1960s, multinational clinical researchers on Maca proof test: Maca contains a variety of balanced nutrition and a variety of physiologically active substance, by regulating the balance of the endocrine system, to achieve the purpose of improving sexual function. Since the plant is difficult to lead, and the Maca yield is very low, every seven years to re-cultivation, the World Health Organization to be ranked as the world's rare plant, the Government of Peru define Maca as top national treasure to protect. Usually Maca planted in November  to December every year, the July to August of second year is  harvest period. The fresh Maca will dried under the sun, allowed to fully absorb sunlight to enhance potency. Since Maca in the growth process needs to absorb large amounts of organic nutrients in the soil, Thus every plowed season, the land must fallow 7-10 years, otherwise it is difficult to grow a good Maca.

Maca is a cruciferous cress genus, alias beetroot or Peruvian ginseng, native to the Andean highlands of South America Peru. Short conical fleshy root, the outer skin was black, purple, yellow or cream-colored, rich in carbohydrates, protein, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals, the main chemical ingredient is Maceaene, Macamide , glucosinolates and ect. Macaene, Macaamide is considered to be one of the effective substance Maca extract promotes sexual function. In the growth process does not use any pesticides and fertilizers, do not add any chemical composition during processing, it is a genuine green. Maca is the main raw material to produce the types of health care products rapidly expanded in Europe and America, Japan, China and other markets, more and more consumers.

Organic ingredients:
Maca fresh water containing 10.4%
Protein 10.2%
Fat 2.2%
Carbohydrates 59%
Fiber 8.5%
Ash 4.9%

Its protein rich in essential amino acids for the human body needs
Maca is rich in 55 kinds of nutrients, vitality, unique Macaene, Macaamide, which is one of the active substances of the Maca extract promote sexual function and erectile improve sperm count and motility. There are also proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids (containing more α- linolenic acid, linoleic acid), dietary fiber, 20 amino acids (aspartic acid, arginine, etc.), a variety of multi-minerals (iron, manganese, ), eight kinds of vitamins (VB1, VB2, VB5, VB6, VB12, VC, VA, VE), a variety of alkaloids and glucosinolates, taurine copper, zinc, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, etc. acid, plant polyphenols, saponins and other biologically active ingredients.

It has the following functions and improve:
• Boosting men sexual performance
• Erectile dysfunction (ED)
• Anemia
• Leukemia
• Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
• Improving energy and athletic performance
• Improving memory
• Female hormone imbalance
• Menstrual problems
• Infertility
• Symptoms of menopause
• Osteoporosis
• Stomachcancer
• Tuberculosis
• Sexual problems
• Boosting the immune system

Pharmacological effects:
Maca is not a medicine nor sex tonic, but a natural food. Botanists and international medical experts in a long-term research found that, Maca contains four kinds of alkaloids, glucosinolates, vitamins such as proteins, amino acids, polysaccharides, minerals and a variety of natural plant active ingredients. These ingredients have been shown to correlate with Maca fatigue, depression, improve fertility, regulate endocrine. Research has found that it contains two unique botanical active ingredients - Glucosinolates: Macaene and Macaamide. And it is precisely these substances is the substances for improve sexual function. In the research found, maca breaking the male plants rely on supplements or estrogen to replace its own endocrine shortage problems in the world,allowing middle-aged men in the endocrine system back into balance, thereby "from the inside to out, solve the problem "for another mature male life force. For the few thousands of years, resident of the Andes widely eaten Maca as vital food and health products, never produce any records and reports of adverse effects on the human body. In some people's eyes, Maca is certainly of medicine, but it is not. From the basic principle, Maca is not a tonic, not a sex drug. In effect, the efficacy of the drug mainly to improve sexual function, and the function of Maca is much broader than that of the drug, can help mankind prevention of aging-related problems. On the other hand, Maca is to stimulate the various organs of the original function, so that the natural secretion of various hormones for the body needs, and to promote the synthesis of the body absorb nutrients the body needs from a normal diet .

For men

Anti-fatigue, increase energy, stamina - Maca in amino acids, minerals zinc, taurine and other ingredients can significantly against fatigue.
Improve sexual function, increase sperm count and improve sperm motility - the unique biologically active substances Macaene, Macaamide, conducive to erectile function, improve sperm count and active capacity.
Regulate the endocrine system, balance hormones - Maca alkaloids role in the hypothalamus and pituitary, regulating adrenal gland, pancreas, testes and other functions, to balance hormone levels.
Kidney impotence, premature ejaculation, impotence, sexual dysfunction, a new generation of delay, pure plant extracts, the magic of medicinal plants - Maca (MACA) natural Viagra

For women

Endocrine regulation, menopausal syndrome confrontation - a variety of alkaloids Maca can regulate the adrenal glands, pancreas, ovarian, and other functions, balance the body's hormone levels, rich in taurine, protein, etc. can recuperate and repair and improve the physiological function blood, promote the secretion of estrogen the female body, with conditioning and repair physiological functions, so as to achieve the effect of menopause confrontation.
Enhance immune function, anti-fatigue, anti-anemia - Maca contains a high amount of iron, protein, amino acids, minerals such as zinc can help strong immune system, enhance the body's resistance to disease, fight fatigue, improve symptoms of anemia.
Women's health and mood, relieve menstrual problems - it relieve cramps, aches and pains, hot flashes, anxiety, mood swings, and depression.

Improving impotence and premature ejaculationMaca contained abundant nutrients (for example: amino acids, polysaccharides, minerals, etc.) and its unique bioactive substances Macaene, Macaamide, rapid erection of male reproductive organs can help to increase the hardness, it is mainly applied to impotence , premature ejaculation.

Integrated Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

Maca grows in the barren plateau, because of its characteristics and growth environment, Maca is rich in iron, protein, amino acids, minerals zinc, taurine and other ingredients. These nutrients to resist fatigue, increase muscle endurance, relieve exercise-induced fatigue, strong immune system, enhance the human immune system plays an important role.

Improve sleep quality
Maca is in South America as a kind of natural herbs relieve stress and anxiety, it can improve the stress caused by anxiety syndrome and neurasthenia, and improve sleep. For some frequently due to work pressure, mental high tension most of the population has to adjust and improve the role of sleep.

Improve fertility

Maca is rich in alkaloids, arginine and fructose. Alkaloids can stimulate the reproductive system, prompted the egg and sperm count multiplied; arginine sperm is an important part of amino acids, can enhance the activity of sperm; fructose energy substances belong to sperm movement to bring power; in MACA these rich nutrients can effectively enhance the activity of sperm, to promote the combination of sperm and eggs, increase the vitality of germ cells and improve the success rate of pregnancy.

Sexual function
Maca is widely used to promote male and female sexual function. It acts as a boost to your libido and increase endurance. At the same time it increases your hormone balance and fertility

Anti-Plateau Adaptability
Maca is rich in salidroside, tyrosol, fat, brass, etc., can improve the body's oxygen utilization coefficient and metabolic balance of freedom and tolerance to hypoxia of high altitude hypoxic environment caused by have a good regulation, protection.

Anti-viral and tumor
Maca casein alcohol, polysaccharides, mustard oil and benzyl isothiocyanate. Tyrosol on virus-infected cells have a protective effect; polysaccharides inhibit replication of the virus; glucosinolates, isothiocyanate, benzyl ester has a role in cancer.
Lowering Cholesterol
Maca linoleic acid in the human body and cholesterol binding, easy to transport cholesterol to the extravascular tissue, reduce the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessels, promote cholesterol into bile acids discharged 
Maca is rich in vitamin B vitamins, C and E, to provide adequate calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and amino acids.

Cell repair and strengthen bones
Maca helps overall health through a variety of ways. It provides iron and help restore red blood cells, which helps anemia and cardiovascular disease. Maca gives you healthy bones and teeth, and allows you to quickly heal from the wound. When combined with a good exercise regime to use, you will find an increase in muscle mass.

Many people take maca to solve skin problems, because for some people, it helps to clear the acne and blemishes. Another advantage is that the skin in order to reduce the sensitivity. In hot or cold weather, Maca may help your skin to withstand extreme temperatures. 

Why Black Maca Is Better & More Expansive?

  • Around 15% of the annual harvest
  • Increase sperm quantity 
  • Increase sperm motility 
  • Muscle building
  • Endurance
  • Male libido
  • Fertility
  • Memory
  • Increase bone Density

What's Gelatinization
Starch gelatinisation is a process of breaking down the intermolecular bonds of starch molecules in the presence of water and heat, allowing the hydrogen bonding sites (the hydroxyl hydrogen and oxygen) to engage more water. This irreversibly dissolves the starch granule in water.

Peru Maca China Maca
No chemical fertilizers and pesticides Use chemical fertilizers and pesticides
Every 7 years to re-cultivation - grown by organic substances Repeat yearly planting - no organic material to grow by absorb fertiliser
Sweet taste Taste with spicy 
Plantation altitude of 3,800 meters above Plantation altitude below 2300 meters (it has mutated)
Nutritional value of Peru maca 10 times greater than China maca Low nutritional value

Growth conditions
The natural environment of the maca is at 11-12ºS latitude and at an elevation of 3,800–4,400 m (12,500–14,400 ft) above sea level. At this elevation, temperatures of the growing season vary from −2 to 13 °C (28 to 55 °F) in monthly mean minimum or maximum, respectively. Temperatures can decline, however, as low as −10 °C (14 °F) and frosts are common. Strong winds and sunlight also are characteristics of the native habitat of the maca. Maca today is still mainly cultivated in Peru, in the high Andes of Bolivia, and to a small extent also in Brazil.

Consume Limit:
Does not over 25g daily

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